About PMG

  Dr Dean Chou established the Physiomech Group (PMG) in 2017. The word, physiomech,comes from “physio-“ (natural phenomena) and “–mech” (mechanics) and defines the direction of our group to delve into multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary sciences from engineering to medicine.
  The PMG follows an aim of the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) to focus on the investigation of the physiological and pathological conditions in human bodies in silico. Furthermore, we utilise applied mechanics and the numerical schemes to tackle the complexities from the theoretical idea to the general engineering problems, especially in the mechanical engineering field. Meanwhile, we also provide consultants for our industrial partners with the optimisation solutions via our professional knowledge.
  The PMG logo’s main body consists of a semi-open rectangle, and the lines of it were inspired by the Penrose Stairs. The rectangle is not only a symbol of our lab, but it can also be seen as an abstract head of a person. As for the brain inside the rectangle, it represents the people who make up this lab, and the lightening underneath illustrates our inspiration and energy. Furthermore, the circuits that protrude outside the rectangle depicts our ability to think “outside the box”, and also stands for our alumni of the PMG.