Hydronephrosis, a symptom that swelled the kidney due to urine failing to properly drain from the kidney to the bladder. It is a secondary condition that result from some other underlying disease or situation. Several diseases or situations that can cause hydronephrosis, for instance, intrinsic case, nephrolithiasis and bladder cancer, and the extrinsic case, tumours, and pregnancy. One who has hydronephrosis may or may not have direct symptoms depend upon the underlying cause.
    Herein, we make a simulation of hydronephrosis using the porous mechanics. We considered human kidney as a compartment. Taking parenchyma and renal capsule as content and structure, respectively. Furthermore, we combined the relevant data with our governing equation, which is based on poroelasticity, to form the mathematical model. Moreover, we use finite element method to run our model to analyse and simulate the condition of hydronephrosis.

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