The PMG utilises mechanics frameworks and the computational manners as the core technology in our group and applies them to explore the various topics in medicine and engineering. We mainly target the pathophysiology issues of the organ in neurology, hepatology and nephrology via the simulation platform. We are working on this platform built by our in-house source codes and based on the numerical schemes, such as the finite element method. Meanwhile, we are progressing the imaging segmentation and reconstruction from the clinical data via machine learning. In the future, we aim to create a service of the patient-specific environment in silico in order not only to assist physicians or surgeons to make more accurate decisions or surgical plans but to reduce the communication gap between patients and doctors and to delimit the responsibility when the medical error occurs in the clinic or hospital. Moreover, we are also interested in some other engineering problems. For example, we are developing the algorithm for understanding the multiphase flow interaction and vibration effect in the pumping system, e.g. the claw vacuum pump and the gear pump. Meanwhile, we also investigate the casting problem and the solidification problem and the rapid prediction of the mechanical properties in micro-molecules and macro-molecules. In short, our group focus on the researches in IP&3ME categories (Image Processing, Medical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Material Engineering) to provide more sophisticated technologies and more robust consulting services for you.